How to Choose The Right Paint?

5 Steps to Choose Your House Paint.

Are you in the process of home renovation and want to have an ideal house paint? In today’s homes with open plans, where living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms are mostly one huge space, color defines the interiors and creates focal points in relatively less featured or featureless rooms. 

The trick is finding out how one can pick paint colors to be used where to put them. 

How to Choose the Right Paint?

  1. Create a Color Scheme that Matches Your Furniture:

In a world where thousands of colors can be yours for only $25 a gallon, it pays in considering the advice of architectural color consultants. Keep in mind that when there are just thousands of paint chips on any store, there are just seven colors in the paint spectrum: orange, red, yellow, blue, green, indigo, and violet. You can eliminate a couple even before heading to the paint store. 

  1. Decide on the Finding to Come Up With an Appealing Visual Effect:

Once you have the colors in your hand, you can consider the finding you will be using. Though flat paints have increased stain resistance these days, conventional wisdom has always been held that a stain finishing is ideal for walls as it is scrubbable and won’t also draw attention to imperfections. 

A semi-gloss and high gloss finish were then best left to the trim where they might accent the curved of a molding profile or the panels of any door. But these days, finishes are being sued in creating visual effects over the whole wall. 

Paint one wall in satin or flat finish and the adjacent wall in the semi-gloss, both being in the same color and where the lights are hitting the walls, it creates the corduroy effect. Similarly, you may also paint your wall flat and semi-gloss ceiling to get a matte contrast. You can this way pick the paint colors for living room.

  1. Match the Wall Paint Colors to the Feeling You Wish to Get in Any Room:

The psychology of color is a minor obsession in professionals. Most say that you must pick a color based on at least in part how a room will be used and the moos you wish to establish. Always keep in mind, when it sit eh case of emotional affect one person welcome home orange can be another person sign to scram. 

Red is a color to boost appetite and blood pressure, while blues and greens are calming; purple is loved by kids but not surely by adults. This is one main method of choosing the right paint when you focus on the mood effects of different colors. It will get a lot easier for you to pick the right shade. You will enjoy the colors and get rid of unwanted feelings when you enter a particular colored room. 

  1. Know Your Whites:

Whites come in many varieties. Pure, clean whites are all formulated without any tinted undertones. These are all favored by designers looking in showcasing artwork or furnishings and are mostly sued on ceilings to create a neutral effect. Many other whites are used as bedroom colors or house paint colors and can give off an ideal effect. 

Use warmer whites in rooms without having a lot of natural light or making bigger spaces seem cozier. This way, you can pick the paint colors for living room.

  1. Create a Flow in Open Spaces:

Continuity is very important over the ground floor, but color may also help zone a bigger space separating a dining area from your TV room. There isn’t any need to stick to one single color or even any single color palette that is either all warm or all cool. This is one main way of how to choose the right paint. 

Paint colors for the living room and joint kitchen are often used to spate areas without having a wall in between. Interior paint colors or exterior ones can all be made very pleasing if sued in a way that they appeal to people and the moods.

What Color Should I Paint My House by Lisa Holt Design

Ellie Rodriguez is an Interior Designer who graduated in 2019 but with vast experience in the industry. Ellie planned, coordinated, and managed many big and small projects designing homes and offices. Ellie's favourite colours are gold and white, and now she is here to inspire you.