How to Decorate with Mirrors?

Decorating Your Home with Mirrors.

Mirrors are one great thing when it comes to decorations. They reflect, add in space, and make rooms look a lot better generally. But before you start placing them in your house on different walls, a few things given below will let you place them ideally. 

You will learn about small room decor ideas and large living room mirror ideas.

Let’s get started with tips on how to decorate with mirrors?

King-size bed with gray square headboard, large rustic wooden mirror and textured wall in trendy minimalist apartment
  1. Consider The Reflection:

Before you get a mirror and hang it inside your house, consider what is across it. When we often hang mirrors mostly based on the available space on the wall, it is also important that you think about what will show in its reflection. When hung against an architectural element, piece of furniture, or a painting, it will give that item more importance than it had before, as it will if it is hung across from something very unattractive. 

Also, whenever possible, you should hang it across a window. It will increase the amount of light that is entering the room. This is an ideal small room decor ideas option.

  1. Different Placement Matters:

Aside from only placing it across visually appealing things, a room mirror should be hung at an ideal height for the space. Unlike any art that must always be hung at eye level, mirrors can be placed depending on what you want their reflection to be. 

Eye-level works ideally in most cases, but higher or even lower may work based on the situation. This is one great way of How to Decorate with Mirror.

  1. Always Think Big:

Don’t ever feel afraid of using huge mirrors in smaller spaces. Mirrors create an illusion of bigger space and depth to help make smaller rooms feel a lot bigger. A full-length mirror placed leaning against a wall is an ideal decorative element to be sued in tiny rooms. 

Mirrors are also ideal for narrow spots such as small rooms or hallways. This is one ideal tip for mirror decoration ideas for the living room.

  1. Create The Focal Point:

Mirrors make ideal focal points. It is why they are mostly placed overmantels and finding room areas. Hang some scones on either side, and you will get an ideal focal point in any part of your house. If you wish to get even bigger, a wall covered in mirrors will create an ideal feature. This is one of the great small room decor ideas.

  1. Don’t also Forget about Style:

Mirrors may be traditional, modern, classic, edgy, and almost anything at all. It greatly depends on the frame. It would help if you considered what effect you wish to create when picking a mirror placed in a frame. A beautiful mirror will have a lot of different kinds of effects on a room that only has a simple wood frame. 

There is the mirror itself. The smoky glass and antique mirrors having imperfections may be highly moody and contribute to the space’s whole look. 

  1. Hang Mirrors Ideally:

A small nail that is hammered into the wall will not cut it. Use ideal proper wall hooks or use the picture hangers to be sure you are using two of them. This will make sure the mirror is always flat on the wall. A wire hung over a single hook is not only very dangerous, but it may also cause the mirror to rest against the wall at an angle, ruining the reflection. 

If the mirror is very heavy, you should hang it with the help of professionals. A small space living room can adjust any mirrors in it only if you hang them well.

This is how to decorate with mirrors. Your house is an ideal reflection of your perfect house when there is enough usage of decorative items that make it look whole. Having a large living room mirror or small decorative mirrors can work when you know how to place them ideally in your house.

Background brick wall with a mirror

Sarah Laurent is a French interior designer passionate about home decor, styling and designing everything from scratch. Sarah worked with some of the well-known furniture brands in France and England, such as Roche Bobois in Paris and Chapel Street in London. Sarah is here to share her knowledge and experience to inspire you to build the house of your dreams.