The Importance of Having a Good Bed Frame

What is a Bed Frame?

Bed frames, also known as bed steads, are a kind of support on which the mattress rests upon. They help in holding the bedding in a more comfortable resting position. Many people use bed frames as back support to sit upright in their beds. Bed rests also prevent the pillows from falling while you sleep.

The Reasons to Have a Bed Frame

Not only do Bed Frames look nice, they also serve many useful functions for your bed and mattress. They offer some extra storage space in your bed, keep away the mold and insects, and provide support to stick your pillows or sit upright in bed. The following points further elaborate these benefits.

·       For Support

Without sufficient support, the mattress, the bedding and the pillows will keep moving and falling. This will spoil the quality of your sleep, prompting you to wake up again and again to readjust the bed. Many manufacturers claim that their mattresses can be placed on top of a box spring. This might work if you do not have hardwood floors. If you do, then box springs can cause scratches on the floor. This is because the box spring itself is made up of wood or metal. Any movement in the mattress will move the box spring which will scrape against the floor, forming scratches. A bed frame maintains the stability of the bed and prevents unsightly problems like this.

·       For Visual Aesthetics

Maybe it is due to the fact that all good photographs and videos involving a bed have a bed frame, but a bed without a frame simply looks incomplete. There is an inherent shabbiness attached to a frameless bed. With a bed frame, you have many options and opportunities to stylize your bed. You can use different types of pillows and cushions to make the bed look more inviting. For further decorations, opt for bed skirts and frame covers to truly transform the bed into a work of art.

·       For Protection against Insects and Mold

For most families, once a mattress finds its spot in the room, it stays there for years. Mattresses also tend to be heavy and occupy a lot of space. Perhaps that is why they are not moved very often. But staying stationary comes with its own set of risks. For example, when there is limited space underneath the mattress or the box spring, the air flow stops. This gives rise to the growth of mildew and mold. Low elevation also becomes an open invitation for bugs and insects to crawl atop and into the mattress. You would not want that, would you? A bed frame effectively elevates the mattress and minimizes the dampness under it.

·       For More Storage

More storage space is always a good thing. A bed frame provides sufficient room for extra storage underneath the mattress. It makes an excellent spot to keep off-season clothes and beddings till the season arrives. Just make sure that the clothes have been properly dried out and folded neatly. You could also put naphthalene balls in the frame to keep insects away. 

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