Some of the Best Places to Buy a Property in Italy

Top 3 Places to Buy a House in Italy.

Italy is a beautiful country where there is everything. The North is characterized as the most developed area, full of large industries, a very dynamic labor market, and where most wealthy Italians are based. On the other side is the South, with fewer industrial areas but impressive coasts and a calmer lifestyle.

Criterias for Choosing a Good Place in Italy

Before revealing which cities to consider for buying a house in Italy, below are some measures that have been valued.

  • Health Services: the quality of a good health system will make your life much easier, which is why it is a very important factor.
  • Transportation: being able to move easily from one place to another is really essential to have a good quality of life. Obviously, big cities have more difficulties with inland transportations, but have more frequented airports in this regard.
  • Security: residing in a safe place, with a low crime rate is something that brings tranquility and happiness to anyone, don’t you think?
  • Environment: more and more importance is given to the environment, air quality, pollution, waste disposal … believe it or not, living in an environmentally sustainable city is the key to a good quality of life!
  • Leisure: having options to enjoy free time, with various plans and activities for families, young and old will make you feel happier.

Beautiful Places to Acquire a Property in Italy


According to many people, Milan is one of the best cities in Italy. Milan seems to be is an open secret. Indeed, it is the queen of shopping places and luxury brands, in addition to boasting of having one of the best leisure, cultural, and art offers in the country. Milan is a safe city, with many exciting places to see, committed to improving the environment, and very well communicated. It is located in a privileged position and two steps from one of the most beautiful environments to see in the North of the country, the Lago di Como!

Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano, Italy, one of the largest churches in the world on sunrise


Bologna is known worldwide for having one of the best universities in the country and for being full of youth. So if you are looking for a vibrant place full of life and a stimulating urban center, here you have one of the best cities in Italy in this regard. But, of course, Bologna is also a rich city in history, art, and monuments. And of course, it also boasts a wide range of possibilities in terms of leisure and culture.

Panoramic view of Bologna – Italy


In addition to the stunning scenery and thriving wine production, ex-pats seeking a more laid-back lifestyle are sure to find a dream home in this beautiful region. When it comes to buying a property in Tuscany, people often think of stunning views and delicious food. However, if there is a landscape typically associated with Italy, this is that of Tuscany. Hills of delicate undulations and Renaissance villas it is one of the most idyllic regions in Europe.
Choosing this region as an expatriation destination is embracing a rich and ancient culture. Living in Tuscany will be an inspiring and exciting experience.

Picturesque corner of a quaint hill in Tuscany

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