Twin Beds Ideas for Cosy & Comfort Kids’ Rooms

Colorful Kids Room with Two Singles Bed and Bookcase

Kids Rooms that Can Be Used by Guests.

We are witnessing an era where twin beds are coming back in trend. When we plan upon designing a bedroom for kids, we need to create a flexible and kid-friendly decorated room. A few ideas which will help you decorate the kids’ room are:

Vintage Wood Carved Beds

The exotic vintage touch can never grow old. You can arrange for two vintage-designed identical bedding and place them on either side. This would create enough space for your children and also help you convert the children’s room into a guest room on the sudden visit of unexpected guests on weekends. The vintage décor of the beds and the room will make it suitable for adults and children to use.

Horizontal Layout of Beds

Orienting the beds horizontally and placing them against the vertical wall provides optimum utilization of the room space. This is an ideal setting if the room is not very spacious. Not only does it provide privacy to both the siblings who will be sharing the room, but it also gives enough free space to the siblings to carry out their hobbies. Furthermore, the beds can be separated using a side table which contains their books.

Double-Decker Beds

These bunker beds, which are otherwise common in hostel dormitories, can also be used in the kids’ room. They are very efficient in saving space because here, one bed lies on top of another. These beds provide privacy to the growing siblings and also let them utilize their own space within the shared bedroom. But before buying them, two aspects should be given significance. First, the steps via which the kid reaches the upper bunker should be kid-friendly and the material with which the bed is made. A firm mattress is recommended. These beds can also be used by adults, hence can be utilized by guests as well.

Themed Beds

Kids love themes. If the particular theme revolves around their favorite superhero or cartoon character, then it is like a cherry on the top. Beds can be designed according to a specific theme. For example, siblings who love Jack Sparrow can be given beds designed as pirate ships. The girls generally like princesses and hence can be given beds that are replicas of their favorite princess’s bed. These themed beds will also work well as guest room designs with twin beds if guests suddenly arrive on the weekend. Though you might think that the guests won’t like the cartoon-themed beds much, but inside, every adult is a cute child who loves cartoons, don’t they?

Final Thoughts

Here we have presented a few excellent twin bed ideas for kids and guest rooms. These will not only provide the kids with privacy but also act as efficient space utilizers. Furthermore, these designs will let you convert the kids’ room into guests’ room whenever needed as all the designs are children and adult-friendly.

Ellie Rodriguez is an Interior Designer who graduated in 2019 but with vast experience in the industry. Ellie planned, coordinated, and managed many big and small projects designing homes and offices. Ellie's favourite colours are gold and white, and now she is here to inspire you.